Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment encompasses Acupuncture, Tuina Medical massage, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Qi Gong exercise and Dietary therapy. Treatment may also include the use of a smoldering herb called moxa, cupping, Gua sha, auricular acupuncture, electrostimulation and infrared lamps.

In Chinese Medicine, we understand that we will be healthy and vital when Qi is abundant and flowing freely. By contrast, when Qi is blocked or depleted, pain and disease can occur. The aim of treatment is therefore to restore and maintain the smooth, unimpeded flow of Qi throughout the body, and to stimulate the body's own self-healing mechanisms.

Treatment is focused on the whole person, so the choice of treatment will be individually tailored by Vivien according to your particular needs. As we do not just focus on the symptoms or the disease, acupuncture can also benefit those who don’t have a labelled condition, but still feel unwell, or just not quite right, physically or emotionally. A great range of issues can be addressed at the same time, with the relationship between them being a central part of treatment. In Chinese Medicine there is a wealth of knowledge accumulated over thousands of years, including dietary advice, and lifestyle insights that can improve the quality of our health. For whatever reason acupuncture treatment is sought, people often report general benefits. These include: coping better with stressful situations, feeling better in ourselves, having more energy, greater clarity of thought, sleeping better and feeling calmer.


What happens when you come for treatment?


At your first appointment, a full case history will be taken. You will be asked questions about past medical history, your family’s health, your lifestyle, sleeping patterns, digestion, emotional state, as well as questions relating to your main presenting condition.
Vivien will also ask to look at your tongue which is a good indicator of your health. She will also feel the pulses at your wrists. The tongue and pulses are a good indicator of the energetic state of your internal organs and vital substances of your body. Vivien will then make a diagnosis based on the principles of Chinese Medicine and design a course of treatment appropriate to your individual needs.

To find a full list of how I can help you using acupuncture click here:

The NHS recognises and recommends acupuncture to treat lower back pain based on scientific evidence.




I have been seeing Vivien for 9 years. She has helped me cope with and recover from a life changing illness. I am sure I would not be as well as I am today without her support. She is always calm and professional. She seems very knowledgable and always tailors the treatments depending on how I am. She has successfully treated my Mum for something completely different. She has been fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking of having acupuncture.





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